Gail interviewed in Mercury News!

Jean Bartlett of the Silicon Valley Mercury News interviewed Gail Holland about her book and signing event last month.

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About gail

Gail Bernice Holland is an award-winning journalist who has worked on newspapers and magazines in Britain and the United States. She was a staff writer for Home Magazine in London, England, a feature writer for the San Francisco Examiner newspaper, and an editor of Connections magazine published by the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Holland has also worked in the movie industry and written radio commentaries. AWARDS: State Bar of California – Sigma Delta Chi Top Award for "outstanding achievement by an editorial worker in reporting and interpreting the administration of justice in California" BOOKS by Holland: Love Each Day, Modern History Press, 2009 Forget-Me-Not: New edition of Alzheimer’s book, Purdue University Press, 2007 A Call for Connection: Solutions for Creating a Whole New Culture, New World Library, 1998. For Sasha, with Love: An Alzheimer’s Crusade, Dembner Books, hardback 1985; paperback 1987, distributed by W.W. Norton & Co. Inc. Selected by Rodale Book Club. Weekend Guide to San Francisco: Gousha, 1972. Wrote four chapters

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  1. Moorthi PV

    A year ago I met a gorgeous lady, with the ball gown in the Ballroom dance floor. I asked her for a dance, She started smiling and laughing while dancing , it also caught up me and brought me to the live moment. She never stopped laughing till now…! She makes lots of friends and make them feel happy too. I was wondering, queried her several times about her life, work and how on the earth she could be that happy. She shared some of the things, again keeps laughing and that catches me too.

    I was surprised to know she is a writer. I didn’t expect I was dancing with a 4 times published writer. But when she told me about her new book I thought it would be one of those books on the store shelves. But when I hear the title, I know this is not like some people they advice every one and have no clue if it is practical or not (I call them formula writers!).

    But the Gail I’ve seen , she ‘Lives the life every day and she likes to live again’ and again. She is a living example of her own book. Very few we would find in our life time person like Gail, I’m glad I met her. Keep spreading the joy, Gail!!!

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